Bader Capital Improvements *

Riser Pipe Replacement 12th tier domestic water riser lines replaced 2020
Riser Pipe Replacement 09 tier domestic water riser lines replaced 2019
Domestic Basement Pipe Replacement All horizontal domestic water pipe lines in the Bader basement replaced 2018
Boiler and hot water heater replacement Two domestic hot water heaters and two Camus boilers, which provide heating for the building were replaced 2017
LED Lighting Retrofit Common area fixture repair and replacement, LED lighting installed 2016
Facade Restoration Repointed, recaulked, replaced damaged brick, sealed cement 2016
Solar Panel Addition Solar panels added to roof to augment water heaters 2015
Chiller Replacement New chiller installed, upgrades in associated plumbing, related electrical work, removal of old plumbing and air handling equipment 2013
Common Area Redecoration Unit front doors replaced with fire rated doors, door hardware replaced, hall, lobby, and stairwell lighting replaced, halls and lobby painted, hall carpeting replaced, new art hung in lobby and elevator lobbies 2013
Domestic Hot Water Boiler Replacement Two flash boilers installed, upgrades in associated plumbing, related electrical work, removal of old boilers and plumbing 2010
Stairwell Door Replacement All stairwell doors for both stairwells replaced with fire rated doors 2010
Cooling Tower Replacement Roof top cooling tower replaced, spring isolators installed to reduce roof vibration 2010
Fire Alarm System Replacement New fire alarm panel, pull stations, horn/strobes, smoke detectors, heat detectors, annunciator panel 2004
Flashing Installation Recaulked and added flashing to 06 tier windows 2003
Roof Deck Replacement Roof deck redesigned and replaced, modular design so can be taken apart and put back after next roof replacement 2003
Roof Replacement Roof slope redesigned and roof replaced 2002
Elevator Cab Replacement Elevators completely replaced including converting the manual elevator to an automatic passenger cab 1991

    * Major capital improvements of $20,000 or more