The Bader Condominium Bylaws - Article II

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Article II. Administration; Applicability

1. Administration

The administration and management of the Condominium and the actions of the Unit Owners, the Condominium Association and its Board of Directors and officers shall be governed by these Bylaws.

2. Applicability

All present and future Unit Owners and their tenants, licensees, invitees, servants, agents, employees, and any other person or persons who are permitted to use the Condominium shall be subject to these Bylaws and the other Condominium Instruments and to the Rules and Regulations of the Association, Acquisition, rental, occupancy, or use of a Unit shall constitute the Unit Owner's tenant's, occupant's, and user's acceptance and ratification of, and the agreement to comply with, these Bylaws and other Condominium Instruments, and any Rules and Regulations now existent or hereafter adopted.