The Bader Condominium Bylaws - Article I

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Article I. Identification of the Condominium and Definitions

1. Identification of the Condominium

The name and address of the Condominium is:

The Bader, a Condominium (the "Condominium")
2515 K ST, NW
Washington, DC 20037

The Condominium was submitted to the provisions of the Act by a Condominium Declaration recorded January 26, 1981 as Instrument No. 2529 among the land records of the District of Columbia (hereinafter called the "Condominium Declaration") and by the Condominium Plat and Plans recorded January 26, 1981 in Condominium Book 27 at page 42 in the Office of the Surveyor for the District of Columbia, said Condominium being situated on Lot 52 in Square 15 in the subdivision and made by The Bader Tenants Limited Partnership as per plat recorded in Liber 172 at folio 28 in the Office of the Surveyor for the District of Colombia.

These Condominium Bylaws are adopted pursuant to the District of Columbia Condominium Act of 1976 as amended (D.C. Law 1-89) and provide for the self-government of the Condominium. The name of the Unit Owners' Association is: The Bader Unit Owners' Association.

2. Definitions

All capitalized terms used in these Bylaws, which are not otherwise specifically defined herein, shall have the respective meanings set forth in the Declaration.